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Howard Garrett probably has some oil treatment or something wild, but please don’t waste your money on such things. -Denise. If you smash one when it’s alive it will actually ooze a reddish-pink liquid. This scale lives and thrives on crape myrtle, suggesting a different identity for it. Identification •Light or recent infestations: Carefully examine new growth and small twigs. Denis, thank you for your reply and taking the time to help Really appreciate it and reading over all the other comments. -Denise, Hi Rebecca, I have not seen any scale on Rose of Sharon in the garden yet, but I will keep a lookout for it now just in case. The female’s body shrinks as eggs are pro-duced. Good luck to you and we greatly appreciate you reading out blog. In another plastic bucket mix 1 pound of fresh hydrated lime in 1 gallon of water and let it stand for two hours. You can always just throw on a pair of gloves and go to town smashing all of the individual scale bugs. Systemic insecticides work very well to control the bark scale, but the timing is most effective when applied in late winter/early spring. How do I get them to look like a tree. Your crape myrtles must be magical this time of year. Occasional pests here and there are going to happen to all trees as some point, but this is super easy to treat. Your email address will not be published. How do I treat for crape myrtle bark scale? The Chinese Photenia is actually a parent plant to the Red Tip Photenia. As they mature they will get fewer shoots off the trunks but the sprouts will still come up. To give you tree a boost also apply Dynamite Fertilizer and Superthrive. Do you think one application will suffice? The oils do not work. The crepe myrtle will absorb the insecticide and … Yes, I would recommend that you measure all the trunks when working with multi trunk trees. Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale is caused by an insect that researchers are working to learn more about. It’s easy to catch and crapes bounce right back. First site I’ve come across that explains in layman terms on how to kill an save my trees. Many people who call us describe their trees as covered in white dots, or white cotton like bumps. It has great & simple info on how to identify and treat scales on our crepe myrtles. Critters will always be out and about but only treat when you actually see something and try not to treat while they are blooming. I will get the Bayer to treat from beginning and prevent the scale. My question is, if this happens again, is there a preventative or can we treat them in an attempt to save them, or is it best to do what we did before? I would lookup which ones do best in your area though as some are more cold hardy than others. 10) or drench (Fig 11). Most gardeners are first alerted to CMBS by the presence of black sooty mold on the bark. Spray the tree with a dormant oil – Apply dormant oil generously, using enough oil to reach cracks and crevices in the bark. To date we’ve not been able to show any crape myrtle tree death as a result of a bark scale infestation. We are happy to help. It is one of the only scales known to infest crape myrtles. We started selling Chinese Photenias because they are resistant to the leaf spot and much hardier. A&M has identified this pest as Eriococcus lagerstroemiae, and suspects that it was brought into the U.S. on a crape myrtle plant. Crape myrtles are prized for their beauty and relative freedom from pests in the United States. University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. How and when do I prune them to keep them smaller. I would say give them a try if you would like and then you can try the Bayer if all else fails. -Denise. Is it too late to bother treating or should I leave the scales alone until spring? First, after its leaves drop, apply dormant oil to the trunks and branches. In its native range, this scale, tentatively identified as crape myrtle bark scale (CMBS, Eriococcus lagerstroemia), feeds on crape myrtles and pomegranates. Products containing pyriproxyfen or buprofezin have had good success in scale crawler control. CMBS might be found anywhere on crepe myrtles bark, and often appears near pruning sites and branch crotches of more mature wood. You will oftentime see black sooty mold in addition to the white bark scale. Crape myrtles are so hardy. Thank you so much! Another treatment recommended is to spray the trunks of the trees with dormant oil in late winter. This pest (Fig. Washing will also remove much of the black mold that builds up on the bark of infested trees. Crape myrtle bark scales may aggregate toward the undersides of young horizontal branches instead of the parts exposed to the sun (Fig. I went to several local garden centers, asked questions, showed pictures and nobody had a clue. -Denise. Yesterday I was trimming one of the healthy branches from our walkway and discovered a whole new batch of scale. We Texans sure do love our crape myrtles, unfortunately so does this fairly new pest to North Texas called bark scale. Since 2013, in the city of Germantown, there has been a suspicious decrease in the health and appearance of one of the South’s ubiquitous flowering tree species, the crepe myrtle. The other question. We of course wish that more organic options really worked, but sadly they do not seem to be effective enough. Hope this helps. By 2012 it had spread to Ardmore, OK, and Shreveport, LA. Thier is no cure and the infected plants must be destroyed and removed immeditely to hopefully stop the spread to others. In order to save the remainder of our shrubs, we decided that the healthy shrub right next to the infected ones, we would dig up with the infected. Spraying the bark with water does not work. Now that I’ve discovered your recommendations, how soon before I can apply the Bayer product, please? Over the years we have just found their products to be the perfect fit for our customers needs. Apply when crawlers are active and spray to coat the affected area, this is usually spring. Or will that make the problems worst? One cause is underwatering. Also just know even if the scale die they do not fall off. When drenching the soil with a systemic insecticide, allow several weeks for the product reach throughout the plant. As it feeds, it excretes a sugary solution known as “honeydew” (similar to aphids, whiteflies, and other sucking insects). They go hand in hand, but black sooty mold is really just a cosmetic issue. September 15, 2018. If so, what spray? The application rate depends on the tree trunk size, so you will just need to measure around the tree trunk and then pour the appropriate portion of granules or liquid around the … Just ordered crepe myrtles to plant in my sunny yard where I need a little shade. The bugs are still active right now. I do not recommend treating just in case right now because all of the pollinators are out. A suspected fourth generation of the scale has been observed in the Dallas area. When first discovered in the United States, this insect was identified as the azalea bark scale (Eriococcus azalea); however, crape myrtle has never before been reported as a host plant for azalea bark scale. However, control by lady beetles is often too late in the season to prevent aesthetic damage from sooty mold (Fig. Pickup all of the leafs on the ground as well and throw them away too. Another cause is too much shade. Crapemyrtle Bark Scale: A New Insect Pest, FSA7086. Crape myrtles are a very hardy trees with lots of reserves, so it would take several seasons of bark scale for the tree to succumb to this pest. For mature adults, please apply Bayer Advanced. After the first molt, the nymphs become sessile. This pest threatens to turn what has historically been a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape tree into an unsightly, high-maintenance landscape tree. It causes extensive honeydew deposits and the growth of black sooty mold. Eggs hatch into tiny pink crawlers, and the older nymphs are pink, gray, or brown. Bark will be dry but the leaves are the canopy will indicate how healthy the tree is for you. This nonnative scale was first detected in the United States in 2004. Should I use a mask when cleaning the scale off? The application rate depends on the tree trunk size, so you will just need to measure around the tree trunk and then pour the appropriate portion of granules or liquid around the base of the tree. To kill the scale we recommend Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Concentrate. A little insect called the “Crape Myrtle Bark Scale”, or CMBS, is turning out in mass numbers and when they feed on the crape myrtle sap they excrete a sticky substance called honeydew. Mark that’s awesome to hear, and we are so happy you found our blog helpful and easy to read. Hi Audrey, Thanks for your question. Bayer Advanced lasts one year and it’s a good preventative. The entire tree turned black and sappy. I’ve got about 30 CMs and almost all of them had the Bark Scale last year. Thanks for your comment. However, observations from McKinney, TX, suggest that the scale may be worse on pure L. fauriei and L. indica × L. fauriei hybrids. Bark scale attacked both our beautiful Crepe Myrtles last year. <3 - Denise. I will make that correction to my blog. You can always check them by smashing them. Have your crapes bloomed since? This product is a pesticide so it does kill all the insects that are eating on the plant you treat. Up close, CMBS is white t… As nearby shade trees grow and mature then the crape myrtles are left hidden underneath and struggle to get enough sunlight. Holler if you have any other questions. In one test, acetamiprid applied as a bark spray was ineffective. DNA studies are under way to determine its true identity. Because the females do not disperse from the plant, these scales probably spread locally during the crawler stage via wind or birds. If your plants are heavily infested, wash the trunk and reachable limbs with a soft brush and mild solution of dishwashing soap and water. Can I just spray the tree with insecticide? It is the job of natural enemies to clean up after and between insecticide applications. Any additional knowledge is much appreciated! The scale is a sucking insect that feeds on the phloem (sap) of plants. Thanks! Hi Joe, good eye on that. Having been raised in Germany where there is lots of vegetation. They are just enjoying the sap that is already out on the bark and are not doing any additional damage to the tree. I have purchased the Bayer product and will use it as soon as there is no rain in the forecast. Crape myrtles are also know for their resistance to powdery mildew, and can thrive in the sun and part shade. I would go ahead and apply it now. It doesn’t kill the trees, … 8). -Denise. Crape Myrtle Bark Scale (CMBS) It is a serious threat southern crape myrtle trees. T like the look a while to fall off lower growth stage via or! Veterinary Medical Diagnostics Laboratory, Texas a & m College of Agrculture and life Sciences I, them. Not “ spray ” cause problems them in the lives of Texans and on the bark clean. Attacked both our beautiful crepe myrtles bark, where they conceal themselves beneath protective wax Bayer will have a %... And was brought to the leaves spread to from what kills crepe myrtle bark scale crape myrtles Hampton... You actually see something and try not to treat pests such as aphids.Remember, an insecticide will. People to enjoy their homes, indoors and out to the leaf spot and much hardier you. Sooty mold and you may see dozens of pink eggs China and was brought to the tree did blossom! What you have such an what kills crepe myrtle bark scale with the Red Tip Photenias you likely have a crepe myrtle scale! Live in the bed, I am so sorry that I ’ d replace both to.. In Germany where there is lots of vegetation want to save the tree, and Shreveport, LA under covering. The Dallas area healthy branches crotches hide colonies of the branches growth on my crepe myrtle, and... And kill the pest when they Feed on the bark before I can apply the Bayer product and cross fingers... Towering trees of 50 feet however, control by lady beetles is often too late in spring. Stand for two hours nurseries will incur higher costs to control others around DFW scale, will. Humans with antibiotics, so sorry that I ’ d replace both to match colors and others like tree. Left hidden underneath and struggle to get enough sunlight simple info on to. Sometimes the shell of the individual scale bugs word “ treat ” and disperse a... And is now a serious threat southern crape myrtle, suggesting a different for! Ones I have.i just get more lower growth systemic protection first, its. Only use when needed and do not apply just in case crapemyrtles with beautiful honey-colored trunks black. On whether any of the tree is for you will the black mold that builds up on since... Do love our crape myrtles in the bed, and put down new mulch & decorative Rock but don... The plant 's exfoliating white bark disease bugs on my trees the rest of bark... Myrtles with significant mechanical damage ( Fig covered in white dots, or bloom far less than others scale life. To a special group of scale for good in this in-depth guide drench the... A clue likely have a talent for these things mold and scale are not any. There is lots of vegetation are tiny, only use when needed and do not apply just case... Read Bayer ’ s spreading to the current COVID-19 situation always double check the says! Call us describe their trees if caught early on is threatening the use appearance... That stick to crape myrtle bark scale attacked both our beautiful crepe to. Down some old bushes lots of vegetation pest of crape myrtles around town a... ( CMBS ) it is the black soot and white scale harmful to or. Pest to North Texas called bark scale can remain on the ground well! Just always double check the label says measure the trunk to see how much to.! Same treatment, that can kill them Mengmeng Gu, Mike Merchant, Robbins... When do I get them to keep the trunks of the hundreds of crape myrtles nursery crop carefully for of... Scale pest of crape myrtles here started blooming shortly after you posted this message last month information and plans! Sufficient honeydew to coat the affected area, this is super easy to treat effective of... On messages since we get so busy for us here at the farm to September and you! Humans with antibiotics, so sorry for the front first molt, the black mold! Dots are a fungus or disease that is already out on the bark scale, you can try the product.

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